Consulting and Project Experts

With our partner AJ Generalplaner GmbH

We are offering 

  • HOAI (Phase 1-8) - Structural Analysis - Architectural Services - Planning (Electrical and Mechanical) - Landscaping Building

  • Project Control - Project Management - Construction Site Management - Project Development
  • Fire Protection requirements and fire prevention - Authorised Expert (Inspector and Inspection)
  • Procurement - Procurance Wholesaler, Sub-Contractor - Consulting

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Fire Protection Engineer

The duties of a fire safety engineer are many and varied. They include:

Advising the employer on how to prevent fires.
Serve as a point of contact to assist with all fire safety related issues.
Adequately equip the company with fire extinguishing equipment.
Accompanying representatives of authorities and the fire department on site inspections.
Draw up emergency plans.
Design escape routes.
Plan and conduct evacuation drills.
Conduct regular inspections to ensure that escape routes are clear and fire extinguishing equipment is in working order.


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